Our story

At Beverage Gear, we are passionate about providing the best beverage equipment to our customers. But our story starts long before the company was founded.

Our team members have a deep understanding of wine industry products, as we have been selling wine-products since 1958. With generations of experience in the beverage industry, we learned the ins and outs of the equipments that is best suited for wines.

As we grew older, we saw a need in the market for high-quality beverage equipment that could match the excellence. And so, Beverage Gear was born.

With our expertise and knowledge of the beverage industry, we carefully selected the best wines storage options, wine cellar units, beer equipments and ice makers to offer our customers. We understand the importance of precision and quality and only offer products that meet our high standards.

Whether you are a professional bartender or just someone who loves to entertain at home, our online store is the perfect destination for all your beverage needs. With our commitment to excellence and our passion for quality, we are always striving to bring the best products to our customers.

Our passion for beverage production and equipment is evident in every aspect of our business. From our carefully curated product selection to our exceptional customer service, we strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

At Beverage Gear, we are more than just a company selling equipment. We are a team of experts with a deep love and appreciation for the art of beverage production. We are honored to share our knowledge and products with our valued customers.